Privacy & Quality Policy

Privacy and Quality are important to Australian Demi Pair & Au Pair


Australian Demi Pair & Au Pair Privacy Policy

Australian Demi Pair & Au Pair collects large amounts of personal information from students and families during the course of administration. The privacy of personal information supplied by individuals must be respected.

Personal information is information not in the public sphere which identifies an individual and which can be associated with a specific individual. Examples of personal information that may be collected by the DemiPair service include: home addresses, home telephone numbers, dates of birth, medical details, next of kin etc.

Australian Demi Pair & Au Pair is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals and the Information Privacy Act 2009 which concerns the fair collection and handling of personal information. The Privacy Act regulates how your personal information is handled. For example, it covers:

      • how your personal information is collected (e.g. the personal information you provide when you fill in a form)
      • how it is then used and disclosed
      • its accuracy
      • how securely it is kept
      • your general right to access that information.

The act also delegates responsibilities to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. This office can give general assistance about the Privacy Act and privacy issues. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website provides further information

Australian Demi Pair & Au Pair Quality Policy

Along with day to day operations, the DemiPair Coordinator should undertake activities that ensure the provision of a quality service. Quality for DemiPair program will encompass the quality of host families, host homes, DemiPair students and the service provided by staff.

Activities to maintain quality will include monitoring, evaluation and follow-up actions. Constantly monitoring, evaluating and improving the DemiPair program will lead to a better experience for students and families and an improved reputation for the DemiPair service.

The code of conduct should include all activities associated with maintaining quality so stakeholders are aware of activities and the high standards of theAustralian Demi Pair & Au Pair program.